Tuesday, July 24, 2012


 This is my motherhood.  Phoenix and Theo have my attention here.   I was coming down the steps with a thousand things to do.  I put the laundry basket down.  I got to enjoy them in this simple moment.  I see this picture (that Phoenix took, ha!) and I have so many feelings within my heart.  in a word.....gratitude.

 this summer has taken us to "our" farm!  Steady, the horse; Dwayna, the sheep; Bugle, the old goat; the chickens that peck our toes; the baby cows, Leopard and Slyvia.  and getting our raw honey yumminess and dipping our fingers in for a taste. 

 picking out the eggs:)  so fun when we find them!

 yes, the knights!
 at the Arboretum!
 they SO want to touch every train!

 picnic time just Mommy and kids!
 Phoenix is still so happy and doesn't seem to mind the crying in his face!  "Ruby's my best friend," says Phoenix.

the "bad guy knight," says Bad guy knight Theo.

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